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The Long-Awaited Eee PC Post

Asus EeePC 1000HE Nebook

Asus EeePC 1000HE Netbook

Well a few weeks ago I got an Asus EeePC 1000HE netbook off of Amazon.com.  This came after a significant amount of research, comparison, and decision-making.  I also considered netbooks from HP, Acer, and Dell, although the Dell ones did not get much consideration.  Eventually it came down to the feel of it.   I went to Best Buy and tried them all out.  The Acer didn’t match up spec-wise.  The HP just did not feel right.  The keyboard, with the keys touching each other was hard to type on, and the touchpad was horrendous.  The buttons were on either side of the pad itself and were very awkward to use.  The EeePC has a ‘chicklet’ keyboard which was easy to type on, and the touchpad worked well.  So I decided to pull the trigger on it.
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3D Computer Interface

My friend Scott, also an Electrical Engineer, recently completed his capstone project at Northeastern University.  It is a unique input device that bases its technology on electrostatics, a very cool subset of Electrical Engineering.  Below is the video and a brief blurb about the product.

Utilizing the theory of electrostatics, we have designed a low-cost human-computer interface device that has the ability to track the position of a user’s hand in three dimensions. Physical contact is not required and the user does not need to hold a controller or attach markers to their body. To control the device, the user simply waves their hand above it in the air.